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Facts 'n' Facts

The Origins of Ice Cream

  • An ice cream-like food was first eaten in China in 618-97AD. King Tang of Shang, had 94 ice men who helped to make a dish of buffalo milk, flour and camphor.
  • Another kind of ice cream was invented in China about 200 BC when a milk and rice mixture was frozen by packing it into snow.
  • Roman emperors are supposed to have sent slaves to mountain tops to bring back fresh snow which was then flavoured and served as an early form of ice cream.
  • The King of England, Charles I, is supposed to have offered his chef £500 a year to keep his ice cream recipe a secret from the rest of England.
  • The explorer, Marco Polo (1254-1324), is believed to have seen ice creams being made during his trip to China and introduced them to Italy.

Ice Cream Sundaes

Ice Cream sundaes were invented when it became illegal to sell ice cream sodas on a Sunday in the American town of Evanston during the late 19th century. To get round the problem some traders replaced the soda with syrup and called the dessert an "Ice Cream Sunday." They replaced the final "y" with an "e" to avoid upsetting religious leaders.

Other Cones

A "dripless cake cone" was invented in the 1930s. It was a larger bowl-shape which allowed the ice cream to sit in the bottom of the cone rather than nestle on the top.

Another invention - paper aprons - which were glorified napkins, were designed to catch any drips.

However, neither design caught on.

99 Flakes

A 99 Flake ice cream, or more commonly just 99, is a standard ice cream cornet, usually made with soft, rather than scooped, ice cream, into which a Flake bar is inserted. They are traditionally sold by ice cream vans and parlours and are a typical holiday memory. Variations include a 99 with two flakes and a 99 with strawberry or raspberry topping sauce.

There are many references to 99's in British pop culture. Notably, the pop-electronica duo The KLF used ice cream van iconography and included the phrase "Mine's a 99" in their 1991 single version of Justified and Ancient.

For a long period of time in the 1990s, many ice cream stands sold Flake 99s for the appropriate sum of 99 pence.

Try This Delicious Ice Cream Recipe

Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 110g caster sugar
  • 50ml water
  • vanilla essence
  • 225 ml double cream